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You can apply your own achievement and get a Certificate of your own by just submitting a simple form

Discover World Record application guidelines.
  1. Register or Login with Discover World Records.

  2. Read the Guidelines, Terms and Conditions before apply.

  3. Apply for the attempt.

  4. Choose whether you are going to attempt for an Individual Record or a Team Record?

  5. Select your Record Category.

  6. Check whether it is a Record Break or a New Record.

  7. While you attempt a Record, capture your attempt Photos and Videos and upload the same through your login.

  8. We suggest videography by professional cameras, if you like to shoot the Photo and Video by your Mobile Phone make sure that you hold the mobile phone horizontally for capturing the photo and video.

  9. Time clock should be visible in entire video.

  10. Once you are done, you can submit and Upload your record attempt Photo, Video and other Evidences in our website by your login.

  11. If your record is approved, then you can share your photos and videos in social Media

  12. Discover World Record application process will take 10 Working Days.

  13. After successfully submitting your record attempt then the certify process will take 10 working days.

  14. If your attempt is successful then you are eligible to apply for a paid Discover World Records Certificate.


When your applications will be rejected?

  1. Uncompleted documents.

  2. If your attempt is offensive or unlawful against government.

  3. We will not monitor Eating alive animals or birds.

  4. If it is not possible to measure or calculate.

  5. Consumption of alcohol or any drugs.

  6. Harmful danger to the public or individual.

You are advised to check for approval of the attempt before trial.

By clicking on the Proceed button you will be automatically accept the terms and conditions

Apply Now !

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